Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Josh is Home!

Josh arrived home on Monday, just 5 days after his successful brain surgery. The surgeon had hoped the tumor would be "soft" so they would be able to remove all of it. Well, they were able to remove pretty close to 99.9% of it! There was a small portion that was tightly wrapped around a blood vessel that still remains, for obvious reasons. The best news--no chemotherapy or radiation. He is getting stronger daily, and will be receiving therapy to work through some of his issues during his recovery, but he and Sarah are home and reunited with their children. Here are some photos of what they may have found upon their arrival....

Some friends and members of the Worthen's local church unit gathered together to do something extra special for the kids while Josh and Sarah were away. Todd, their oldest, was real excited when his surprise from the BYU football team arrived...

More photos coming soon...I heard a rumor that a new oven is on it's way!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Contact 17

This is the news feature on the website about the Worthen family:

Contact 17: Second Bout with Cancer for Family

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full of Faith

I have known the Worthen Family for as long as I can remember. They are some of the best people I know! Nearly eight years ago Josh started his battle with brain cancer. It has remained "dormant" since that time. He has had regular doctor's visits and has taken medication to keep the tumor at bay. A few weeks ago Josh found out his cancer has grown. When Josh first told me this over the phone, he kind of made jokes about it. If you know Josh at all this should not come as a surprise. He time and time again has told me this is his trial, just like the ones I have been given and you have been given, they are equal. I have really had a hard time with this one--it is brain cancer after all. Even this morning I briefly spoke with he and Sarah, as he and his sweet wife with their precious three month old Emma were driving to Los Angeles for his FMRI. Again, he was laughing and joking and asked me why I sounded so serious--I suppose that I am in awe.

{Josh with his baby girl Emma, May 2010}

I am awestruck at how courageous and full of faith in our Heavenly Father he is through all of this. I am in awe as he shared with me the miracles Heavenly Father has placed in his life these past few weeks. I am in awe that so many of you, his friends and family have pulled together to help his beautiful family. It hurts that I am unable to physically be there to take a meal, tend their children, knock down a wall, or just laugh with them. So this blog post is for your family, I love you guys! You have always been a huge example to me of faith and courage! Your life is a testimony to me of the miracle of prayer. Press forward with faith, knowing that all of your family and friends stand behind you and are praying for you at this time.

This Week

Over the past weekend, plans have been moving forward to remodel the Worthen's family dining room into a bedroom for Lauryn. The O'Rullian family has been spearheading the project with the help of Jennifer Wolff and many other friends of the Worthen Family. Josh just recently has been given doctor's orders to no longer carry his beautiful Lauryn up the stairs to her bedroom. So this has, as you can imagine, created a hardship for the family. Today, Josh is headed down to Los Angeles for an FMRI and pre-surgery physical. His surgery is currently scheduled for next Thursday the 26th of August.

The goal is to have the room completed for Lauryn when he returns from his surgery at the end of August. They currently have the building permits and building supplies taken care of. Right now the biggest need in completing this project is donating money and labor. If you can volunteer your time and talents please contact Bill and Mary O'Rullian or Jennifer Wolff (there emails are in the side bar). A paypal account is in the works to accept donations on behalf of the Worthen Family, so be sure to check the Facebook page and this blog for further information.

Time for An Update

Over a year and a half ago I sat with Josh and Sarah and helped them start this blog. Who would ever have thought that I would also be the one to share their story with all of you? I am so humbled by Josh and Sarah; their strength, courage, and unconditional love for everyone is admirable. So temporarily I am commandeering this blog, to help with updating family and friends with news about Josh's brain cancer, the progress of Lauryn's new room, and any other relevant information that is needing to be passed on to all you loyal blogger reading friends. So be patient people, things are changing hourly and I am doing my best to keep you all informed!

Monday, January 19, 2009