Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full of Faith

I have known the Worthen Family for as long as I can remember. They are some of the best people I know! Nearly eight years ago Josh started his battle with brain cancer. It has remained "dormant" since that time. He has had regular doctor's visits and has taken medication to keep the tumor at bay. A few weeks ago Josh found out his cancer has grown. When Josh first told me this over the phone, he kind of made jokes about it. If you know Josh at all this should not come as a surprise. He time and time again has told me this is his trial, just like the ones I have been given and you have been given, they are equal. I have really had a hard time with this one--it is brain cancer after all. Even this morning I briefly spoke with he and Sarah, as he and his sweet wife with their precious three month old Emma were driving to Los Angeles for his FMRI. Again, he was laughing and joking and asked me why I sounded so serious--I suppose that I am in awe.

{Josh with his baby girl Emma, May 2010}

I am awestruck at how courageous and full of faith in our Heavenly Father he is through all of this. I am in awe as he shared with me the miracles Heavenly Father has placed in his life these past few weeks. I am in awe that so many of you, his friends and family have pulled together to help his beautiful family. It hurts that I am unable to physically be there to take a meal, tend their children, knock down a wall, or just laugh with them. So this blog post is for your family, I love you guys! You have always been a huge example to me of faith and courage! Your life is a testimony to me of the miracle of prayer. Press forward with faith, knowing that all of your family and friends stand behind you and are praying for you at this time.


Emily said...

The Worthen family is in our prayers. Thank you, Kiahna for keeping us posted and for being such an amazing friend to their sweet family.

Jen Wolff said...

Beautifully written Kiahna! Thank you for taking on communication!!! I think we all share your feelings and love for Josh and Sarah. They amaze me!

Tam said...

This is everything i would have said - thank you for keeping us all informed. josh and sarah are both such special people. when you see/talk to them next please tell them i am thinking about them always.

Janet Hale said...

We join with so many to bear these trials with the Worthen family as we have covenanted to do. We hope and have faith that all our prayers combined will sustain them at this time. A very special shout out to Al & Judie who are here with us in Louisiana giving 110% to bringing souls unto Christ while every fiber of their hearts go out to Josh and his family. We love & pray for you all....Love the Hale's