Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Week

Over the past weekend, plans have been moving forward to remodel the Worthen's family dining room into a bedroom for Lauryn. The O'Rullian family has been spearheading the project with the help of Jennifer Wolff and many other friends of the Worthen Family. Josh just recently has been given doctor's orders to no longer carry his beautiful Lauryn up the stairs to her bedroom. So this has, as you can imagine, created a hardship for the family. Today, Josh is headed down to Los Angeles for an FMRI and pre-surgery physical. His surgery is currently scheduled for next Thursday the 26th of August.

The goal is to have the room completed for Lauryn when he returns from his surgery at the end of August. They currently have the building permits and building supplies taken care of. Right now the biggest need in completing this project is donating money and labor. If you can volunteer your time and talents please contact Bill and Mary O'Rullian or Jennifer Wolff (there emails are in the side bar). A paypal account is in the works to accept donations on behalf of the Worthen Family, so be sure to check the Facebook page and this blog for further information.


Laura said...

I love the Worthens!!!!!!!

Mary said...

We love the Worthen Family too! Facebook is Amazing...I knew about Josh and Sarah's plan to build a bedroom downstairs for Lauryn but after Josh was diagnosed with Brain Cancer again their plans for the bedroom were on hold.

Returning from UCLA Josh was on strick orders not to lift anything and was scheduled for surgery the next week. More than ever Josh needed peace of mind going into surgery that Lauryn's bedroom downstairs would be completed. Later we realized the bathroom downstairs needed renovation to accomodate bathing Lauryn, too.

I spoke with my wonderful husband, Bill and we both agreed we needed to somehow help make this happpen for Josh and Sarah. After going over the options I exclamied, FACEBOOK. We can start with FACEBOOK, I know people will want to help! The first response on Facebook was from Jennifer Wolff.

Jennifer and Kiahna Williams, YOUR ARE AMAZING! With Jennifer and Kiahna's help, the renovation is moving full speed ahead. Friends of Josh and Sarah are bubbling with enthusiasm that is absolutely contagious!

Josh and Sarah are very humbled by the loving response from ALL to help with this project.
Thanks to all who have responded with geniuine concern and love.

Josh and Sarah: Our contant prayers are with you. Thank you for allowing us to help in some small way. Thank you for teaching us about faith and courage as you smile and tell us: "Don't worry, this is our trial, all will be well."

Mary and Bill